Urwerk makes 156-part Macallan whisky flask

With watch sales in the doldrums is it any wonder brands are looking to other fields – or in the case of enfant-terrible Urwerk, turning to drink.

 Urwerk Macallan

Its latest model is a collaboration with whisky brand Macallan, the idea being to bring something unexpected, innovative and extraordinary to the table.

The resulting Macallan x Urwek Flask is just that, a flask rather than a timepiece, but like most Urwerk creations a complicated design masterpiece, composed of 156 parts.

Urwerk Macallan Urwerk describes the vessel as “critically usable and highly collectible,” in machined aluminium, titanium and stainless steel.

Like Urwerk timepieces it’s loaded with intriguing features. The cap has a connecting arm with hidden 1mm ball clickers which click when completely open, the ball snapping into a small recess and holding the cap open while pouring.

The flask in 156 parts.

The interior features not one but two titanium tanks to accommodate two different malts to be carried, while the mouthpiece, a spring-loaded directional affair in stainless steel, switches between the two.

Five hundred of the flasks will be produced, price around $3500, available at www.themacallan.com

That makes it the least expensive Urwerk yet, but possibly the most expensive flask you can buy. At least you can salve the dent in your wallet with a stiff drink.

Our reaction to the Macallan  x Urwerk flask? The perfect answer to falling watch sales – facilitates a slowing of the march of time.

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