The young Patek Philippes

Think Patek Philippe and you might think of traditional gold-cased timepieces, crusty collectors and auction records. But recent releases reveal a youthful and sporty side to the famed name.

It’s not that Patek are abandoning their fabulous positioning at the top of the watch tree, but these two statements in steel from the brand, which is celebrating its 175th year, show it has a firm eye on the younger watch buyer.

PAtek Philippe Nautilus traveltime 1 copy

Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph

This new Nautilus model is not a Patek to keep locked away in the safe; rather, it’s designed for action-man. It gives you a handy two time zones and a date display, along with a chronograph function to let you time whatever pursuit takes your fancy. Handy pushers on the left of the case let you easily adjust the “away” time and aesthetically balance the chronograph pushers on the opposite side. With a new self-winding movement powering things, and that Patek name on the dial, it’s certainly a special watch, but not one you’d keep for special occasions.

Patek Philippe 5960 Steel Annual Calendar.

Patek Philippe Ref 5960 Annual Calendar

Classic watch or classic investment? This is a good question given Patek complications have consistently achieved the highest prices paid for a watch at auction. This watch may prove to be another bankable beauty, not only because of the fine movement, but thanks to the case holding it. Unusually it’s steel, rather than gold or platinum as is the norm with timepieces of this stature. That makes the piece both more usable and slightly more affordable, not that it’s totally without a touch of luxe: black gold highlights the minute and hour hands and markers, and frames the day, date and month displays. Black gold? Yes, and its use – along with the overall design – gives this Patek a distinctly youthful aura.

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