Strike up the band: happy birthday to the Apple watch from Hermès

A year ago Apple launched its watch, a smartwatch that became even smarter in October with the launch of a luxury option – a tailored watch and strap combo from French luxury brand Hermès.

 Apple Hermes smart watch

Now Apple and Hermès are introducing bold new colours to the Apple Watch Hermès collection, and for the first time the entire collection of bands will be available to purchase separately.

The three styles introduced in Spring 2015 – Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff – will continue, while the complete case and band will be offered in Fauve Barenia only.

New Hermes flat bands for the Apple smartwatch
New Hermes flat bands for the Apple smartwatch.

Existing band colours including Fauve, Noir, Blue Jean, Capucine and Etain will now be sold for the first time separately and will be joined by a whole new collection of Single Tour and Double Tour bands.

These will be offered in Hermès colours including Bleu Paon (Green), Bleu Saphir (Blue), Blanc (White) and the signature Hermès colour, Feu (Orange).

New Hermes double-wrap bands for Apple smartwatch.
New Hermes double-wrap bands for Apple smartwatch.

Price are $500 for the single strap, $750 for the double strap and $1070 for the leather cuff.

The Apple Watch Hermès is available online and at select Apple retail stores, and the new coloured bands will be available from 19 April. See

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