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Bell & Ross has joined the Formula 1 party for 2016, hooking up with the new Renault team –  but where’s the branding?

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Bell & Ross has cleverly joined forces with the revived Renault outfit, the recent back-markers that raced as the privately-owned Lotus before being bought back by the factory in late 2015.

Bell & Ross sent us these images – none, we note, with young gun Kevin Magnussen, who’s part of the deal.

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It’s a nice fit, but whatever Bell & Ross are spending we’d suggest a word to the folks applying the decals – we can’t see too much Bell & Ross signage on the Renault there, apart from a close-up of an unidentified part bearing the name.

Found! Bell & Ross signage

Magnussen would previously have been wearing a Tag Heuer, the long time McLaren partner who has this year fled to Red Bull.

Red Bull has set a March date for the big announcement, one that sees them branding both the engine and clamping a chrono onto the wrist of the ever-smiling Daniel Ricciardo, our very own Daniel Ricciardo.

Up front of the grid it looks like the competiton will be between IWC (Mercedes) and Hublot (Ferrari), similar to last year.

Meantime in LeMans land Mark Webber is now sporting a Chopard chronograph, having moved on from Tag and more recently Casio at Red Bull.

It remains to be seen if Romain Grosjean gets to keep his Richard Mille now he’s driving for F1 newcomer Haas; the American team may prefer a US brand – say Shinola.

And here’s a question for you – is longtime Mille fanboy Filipe Massa still sporting his Mille monster given team Williams is an Oris bastion?

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