Bomberg make a splash with colour and movement

Bomberg will appeal to fans of Hublot and Franck Muller as a cheaper alternative.

Most Bombergs have the chronograph pushers protruding from the top of the case.

You want a splash of colour on your wrist – and a mechanical movement – but don’t have to cash for a Hublot or Franck Muller. Where do you turn?

Watch buffs have shown they’re not averse to a striking G-Shock – or two – or you could look to Bomberg, a recent entrant to our market with watches that are hardly mild or meek.

The brand has found favour with the likes of Seven Friday followers, and to date has mostly featured quartz-driven models in the $1000 range.


Most Bombergs come in the so-called bull-head configuration, where the chronograph pushers protrude from the top of the watch-case like little horns.

The new ‘Bolt’ series introduces a Swiss self-winding movement to the genre at prices a smidgen under $5000.

That case is 47mm and can be removed from its cradle and worn as a pocket-piece – yes, complete with an included chain.

If that’s an option you don’t often have, it only adds to the allure of that bold-dial and its unusual markers and hands.

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