First the bike then the watch – Bell&Ross go to Bonneville


Obviously a man with time on his hands, Bruno Belamich, creative director at Bell & Ross, had a dream: a high-speed motorcycle designed to race across the record-breaking terrain of the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, USA.

Bell & Ross BR03-90-B-ROCKET

He envisaged a machine whose lines would pay tribute to American aviation in the 1950s and ’60s, and also provide the inspiration for a new watch from the brand.

As he explains: “The worlds of watchmaking and aeronautics are very closely linked. The avi­ation watch was born following the advent of aerial naviga­tion, and evolved alongside aeronautical instrumentation.

“Another legendary period was when American engineers set out to achieve supersonic speed and conquer space. This was an era characterised by research into aerodynamics, en­gine performance and speed, with pilots risking their lives in the name of glory. At the same time, land speed records were reaching astonishing figures.

“I wanted to explore this history in a different way, which is how I came up with the idea of building a motorcycle that would recapture the spirit of the time and the magic of this legendary place.”

The tear-drop shaped machine was commissioned from UK Harley Davidson dealer Shaw Speed Cycles, and is based on a Big Twin model.

It’s not designed to break records, rather has been used by Bell & Ross in a photo shoot on the famous flats, ridden by experienced riders from the dealership.

The B-Rocket inspired two watches that complemented each other in terms of size and functions: a 46mm BR-01 B-Rocket chronograph and, a 42mm BR-03 B-Rocket three-hander, both limited to 500 pieces. Like the bike, they’re rather distinctive machines. From $9200.

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