Wrist sculpture: Girard Perregaux takes the knife to the 1966

Watch brands faced with reinvigorating a model are increasingly following one of  two routes – embellishment or stripping away. GP has chosen the latter with its 1966 model, to great effect.

 Girard Perregaux Skeleton 1966

The new 1966 Skeleton is a mere 38mm, but packs a punch you can’t miss, albeit a sculptural, classic one with the machinery at the heart of the watch taking centre-stage.

Cased in pink gold, the openworked watch needs no dial but does with a minute track and batons, the GP initials marking the 12 o’clock position.

The exposed mechanics shows off its bridges, plates, gears, levers and bolts, which have been polished, satin-brushed, chamfered and hand-finished with a final galvanic coating of anthracite-gray ruthenium.

Against this, leaf-shaped hands in gold indicate the hours and minutes with unusual clarity. A seconds hand sits above its driving wheel at the 10 o’clock position.

There are 117 parts in all, and the self-winding 4 hertz movement offers 54 hours power reserve.

And the most important figure of all? The price: $84,060.

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