An eye for the ladies: Girard-Perregaux introduces the Cat’s Eye Aventurine

Girard-Perregaux proves yet again it knows how to catch the eye, this time with what it calls a seductive new version of its iconic Cat’s Eye timepiece, a collection created in 2004 and known for both aesthetic and mechanical features.


This version is distinguished by a dark glittering dial in aventurine, that according to the brand “recalls a night sky full of stars” and “poetically marks out each hour of day and night as a precious moment”.

Brands have long tried to claim moments as their own, Baume & Mercier coming to mind, but the Cat’s Eye is undoubtedly an alluring piece.

The 35.44mm by 30.44mm case is pink gold set with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds, while the dial gives a home to a further 18. The moon-phase is gold, the 218-part movement driving things self winding, the decoration throughout superb.

Mounted on a blue alligator band matching the dial, the Cat’s Eye retails for $48,320.

Would we wear the Girard-Perregaux Cats Eye? Well no, not being the appropriate gender. But if we were we love the combination of refinement and luxe.

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