Hublot showcases Lang Lang collaboration with two new models

Hubot Lang Lang is a showcase of the brand’s collaboration with famous 34-year-old Chinese pianist Lang Lang in the form of two glittering new watches.

Hublot Lang Lang

They are a Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon Lang Lang, and a Classic Fusion 45 mm Ceramic Ultra-Thin Lang Lang.

The Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon Lang Lang sounds the hours and minutes with the tone of a cathedral double gong.

Hublot Lang Lang

To quote Hublot: “Like the hammers that strike the strings in his piano, the watch has two tiny hammers that ring a double gong — steel wires wound around the movement — engraved with the virtuoso’s name.”

As the brand describes it, “music is present in the slightest details, the indexes on the dial at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock are respectively replaced by a bass clef representing the pianist’s left hand and a treble clef representing his right – and a stylised sixteenth note that recalls Lang Lang’s initials.”

Hublot Lang Lang

Produced in a series of eight, the watch comprises 319 components and combines two complications, the striking-mechanism and a tourbillon, and has a power reserve of 85 hours.

The Classic Fusion 45 mm Ceramic Ultra-Thin Lang Lang is altogether less complicated though more recognisable as a Lang Lang tribute, if that’s the word.

Hublot Lang Lang

Presented in a black ceramic case with a diameter of 45mm, it’s produced in a series of 88 coinciding with the number of keys on a piano. The dial has the pianist’s signature at 3 o’clock, a small second hand at 7 o’clock and a stylised semiquaver “that recalls Lang Lang’s initials” at 12 o’clock.

Hublot Lang Lang

The indexes, hands, H screws and crown are in gold and the sapphire case-back back carries a design showing the young virtuoso playing the piano and his name written in Chinese characters.

Hublot Lang Lang

In case you are still missing the connection, the manual winding movement is decorated with musical notes and the leather strap is marked with the five lines of a musical score – “as if waiting to receive notes composed by the maestro”.

Do the Hublot Lang Lang models hit the right note? They’re certainly showstoppers, but a bit too much show biz to earn a place on our wrist.

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