King power meets King Neptune

Hublot King Power Oceanographic CU

Summer is the time for dive watches and we’ve already listed some favourites in our Buyers Guide. Here from Hublot is another, and it not only performs at unbelievable depths, but looks like it performs – and that goes for land or sea.

The Hublot King Power Oceanographic EXO4000 is the name of this brute of the brine, a formidable 48mm instrument that leaves no doubt you’re serious about your timing.

Designed for extremes as part of Hublot’s involvement with the Antikythera archaeological project off the coast of the Greek isle of the same name, it’s cased in a choice of carbon fibre, as shown here, or titanium.


It’s a fitting companion for the advanced Exosuit dive suit constructed for the expedition. This incredible item combines the flexibility of a suit with the resilience of a submersible thanks to water thrusters and 18 rotating joints. It can stay below for 50 hours.

But back to the watch: To give you an idea of the work involved in its construction, it has a crystal 6.5mm thick, and has been pressure tested to depths of 5000 metres.

Involving 18 months of research and refinement, it’s hard to image what the development costs were, but the Oceanographic can be yours for $28,300.

And the diving suit? Sorry, at the moment there’s only one.

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