Honey gold for limited edition Lange

The Lange 1 Time Zone has been one of the most popular models of the Lange family since its introduction in 2005, and a honey gold version has been added in a limited run of 100 pieces.

Lange 1 Time Zone

The honey gold version spans 41.5mm and has a subtle difference to the standard version, with Dresden – rather than Berlin – representing Central European Time on the city ring.

Such models usually come cased in platinum or white gold, the honey gold lending an altogether warmer feel to the masterpiece.

Lange 1 Time Zone

In an interesting touch the lavishly hand-finished movement is assembled twice just to ensure everything is perfect. Well, as perfect as can be.

Lange 1 Time Zone

The dial of the Lange 1 delivers a single-glance reading of home time and the time in a second zone. The time zone is set with a lateral pusher that advances a rotating city ring with the 24 place names from west to east, and an ingenious synchronisation mechanism makes it possible to transfer the time on the subsidiary dial to the main dial.

Our take on the Lange 1 honey gold: the gold case perfectly frames this special watch and with only 100 on offer it will be a rare sight on the wrist.

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