It’s 1935 again: Longines takes us back with a quirky chronograph

Few brands look back as effectively as Longines does with its Heritage series of timepieces, this latest Longines Avigation model being the perfect case in point.

Longines Avigation

The Longines Avigation Watch Type A7 1935, to give it its full name, picks up on the growing popularity of vintage watches and watches with a vintage theme.

The Avigation 1935 could have come from that very year, featuring a period white-lacquered dial and massive honey-coloured numerals as seen in so-called military and trench watches.

Longines Avigation

Its most striking feature is the angled dial, a design intended to allow pilots to read the indices without having to twist their wrist or release the plane’s control yoke.

The self-winding movement is a minor concession to the times although it features a vintage mono-pusher action with just one button in the centre of the crown controlling the chronograph’s start, stop and return.

Longines Avigation

As for price, you’re looking at $4500.

Our view of the Longines Avigation watch: a great look and interesting addition to your watch wardrobe. Don’t think it won’t be noticed.

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