Louis Vuitton launches everyday watch range, the LV Fifty Five

Louis Vuitton’s Fifty Five range is meant to look and feel relaxed rather than make a statement.


-HERO LV Fifty Five 36mm Grey strap

Louis Vuitton has released a range of watches it’s calling the LV Fifty Five, a watch taking its cues from the brand’s  trunks and filling the need for an easy-to-wear everyday watch.

The Fifty Five has a smooth, slim case design and launches in 31mm, 36mm and 41mm sizes with a quartz movement for the smallest, ETA self-winding movements for the larger models.

-2ND BEST LV Fifty Five 41 mm GMT black strap

It comes as a three-handed time-teller or with a GMT mechanism in the 41mm model, priced from $5000 for the small model and $7000 for the larger two.

While the launch models are in steel only, gold cases and jewelled options are expected early next year. Strap options are either a matching steel bracelet or leather, the latter looking by far the more appealing to our eye.

LV Fifty Five 36 mm steel bracelet 2

The leather strap also boasts a handsome deployant clasp featuring an intertwined ‘LV,’ a nice touch the bracelet misses out on.

Other touches are described as traditional LV ‘signatures,’ for example the two riveted metal plaques bearing the brand name that take their cue from the locks on historic trunks. The winding crown is said to be another ‘subtle reminder’ of trunk rivets, but we must confess it’s one that’s too subtle for us.

What we do like is the use of the ‘V’ symbol as an hour marker for the quarters, while the dial itself is a finely finished two-part construction with sun-burst centre finishing and circular satin-brushing for the rim carrying the markers.

LV Fifty Five 36mm Grey strap

That said, it’s the case that distinguishes the Fifty Five, and the fact that it’s a watch designed to be free of fuss – down to tried-and-true movements, even quartz, which was the result of customer demand.

The Fifty Five is destined to grow as a range, alongside Louis Vuitton’s Tambour and Escale watch lines, but we’re told the intention is always to keep it as the kind of watch that looks and feels relaxed, a “soft” option, not so much a statement piece.

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