Revs for the wrist: MB&F anniversary watch

This is MB&F’s 10th Anniversary Horological Machine: HMX, a watch that company founder Max Büsser describes as being the opposite of what might be expected of an anniversary piece, “an extremely complicated, very expensive timepiece.”

MB&F HMX anniversary

You could have fooled us. The watch looks exotic and will cost around the $40,000 mark. That said, it’s hardly your regular timepiece, more a piece of kinetic sculpture for your wrist.

Before discovering watchmaking Büsser aspired to be a car designer, so it’s no surprise to learn the HMX is inspired by the sports cars he loved during his childhood. A close look at the automatic movement even reveals what appear to be two oil caps on valve rocker covers. According to Büsser they are indeed real oil caps, which the watchmaker will need to unscrew during servicing, to add oil and lubricate the jewels below.

MB&F HMX anniversary

He describes the watch as a “machine that will make your wrist look fast”. Following that theme, four limited editions of 20 pieces are on offer in Lotus Black, Ferrari Red, Bugatti Blue or British Racing Green.

MB&F HMX anniversary

The body is crafted in stainless steel and Grade 5 titanium, with two optically-engineered sapphire crystal prisms reflecting and magnifying the bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes. The underside reveals a rotor engraved with MB&F’s cheeky anniversary slogan: “A creative adult is a child who survived”.


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