Out of the box: It’s pop for the wrist with Nixon’s throwback

California-based Nixon has partnered with contemporary, psychedelic-pop artist Steven Harrington to launch a limited edition watch collection celebrating California heritage.

Nixon Steven Harrington watch box

It carries Harrington’s signature style intended to feel like a throwback to beach living and surf culture of yesteryear and is available exclusively at Colette in Paris, meaning, yes, you’ll have to factor in a trip if you want one.

According to Nixon the only thing serious about Harrington’s artwork is his dedication “to keeping it fun. And colorful. And kinda wacky. The Los Angeles native’s tireless output has pushed him to the forefront of the California psych-art scene, and brought his warped, kaleidoscopic creations to eyes all over the world, including previous Colette collaborations.”

Nixon Steven Harrington

Nixon’s marketers continue their spiel on Harrington’s behalf: “His style blends bold colours with geometric shapes and patterns, offering up anthropomorphic trees, eyeballs on everything, and strange cartoonish creatures of all sorts. Embracing a multimedia approach, Steven’s portfolio includes large-scale installations made of plaster and stone, hand-screened prints, limited-edition books, skateboards, sculptures and now watches.”

We were enjoying the simple fun of the watch until we read such Linkedin-like gush.

Nixon Steven Harrington

The Time Teller is called the All Gold, features an all-over metallic finish and carries Harrington’s signature palm tree on the dial. It’s equipped with a Miyota quartz movement.

Would we wear one? For fun one day – if we hadn’t drowned in the PR bumph.

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