Mind the gap on your Panerai Luminor

If you own a Panerai Luminor and have a pair of sharp eyes, you may notice that there is a small gap between the case and bezel at around 10 o’clock mark.

You won’t be the first to think that the watch could be faulty or that the gap may cause water to leak into the normally water-resistant watch case.

Panerai Luminor

However, there is no cause for concern. This little-known and unobtrusive gap is known at the manufacture as a “service gap”, and was intentionally created so that a watchmaker can easily remove the bezel for servicing. And of course as the gap is designed to be there, rest assured it does not compromise the integrity of the case or its watertightness.

That said, there is one word of warning: do not try to remove the bezel at home. Aside from the possibility of marring the case, there’s a knack to such things that underlines something aficionados know well; namely, always take your watch to an authorised service centre for repairs and maintenance, in this case your Panerai experts. They’re the people who know how to “mind the gap”.

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