Patek Philippe’s anniversary attractions

Patek Philippe, 175e anniversaire

While Patek Philippe’s highly decorated Grandmaster Chime, their most complicated watch yet, was the brand’s recent birthday oxygen-stealer, it’s not the watch anyone is going to be wearing everyday – if at all.

Such watches are kept for display or investment, but fortunately this grand-daddy was joined by a brace of less daunting limited-edition commemorative models inspired by past world-time, moon-phase, jumping hour, and chronograph models.

Patek Philippe 5575
Patek Philippe World Time Moon Ref 5575
Patek Philippe 7175
Patek Philippe World Time Moon Ref 7175

The World Time Moon Ref. 5575 for men comes in a 39.8mmgold case limited to 1300 pieces, the Ref. 7175 for  women is 38mm, limited to 450 pieces. Both have an ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement, with world time zone indicators and an extra-large central lunar disc.

Patek Philippe Multi-Scale Chronograph edition, Ref 5975

Patek Philippe Multi-Scale Chronograph edition for men, Ref 5975

Patek Philippe 4675
Patek Philippe Multi-Scale Chronograph edition for women, Ref 4675

The Multi-Scale Chronograph editions, Ref. 5975 limited to 400 watches for men and Ref. 4675, limited to 150 pieces for ladies, have three logarithmic scales that can be used to compute speeds, distances, and heartbeats per minute, and come in gold or platinum with diamond hour markers on the smaller (37mm) model. The movement is self-winding.

Patek Philippe Rare Handicraft models also joined the party
Patek Philippe Rare Handicraft models
Patek Philippe, 175e anniversaire
Patek Philippe Chiming Jumping Hour Ref 5275

Also joining the party were elaborately enameled “Rare Handicraft” models and the tonneau-shaped Chiming Jumping Hour Ref. 5275. With a finely worked dial this platinum cased manual-wind watch is limited to 175 pieces; a new mechanical movement provides digital hours in addition to the usual hand display. All are “jumping indications” meaning the hours and minutes change exactly as the seconds hand reaches its mark on the “railway track”.

Impressive, and a nice reminder of why Patek has a special place in the hearts of aficionados.

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