The watch that adjusts to your time zone*

Accurate time, harnessing the power of GPS

Once a day, Seiko Astron receives the time signal automatically and, on demand, connects to four or more of the GPS satellites that orbit the earth. It pinpoints its position and identifying the exact time and time zone.  The hands adjust automatically to the correct local time with atomic clock precision. Astron powered by light alone, so it never needs a battery change; also, it has a perpetual calendar, so the date will always be accurate, up to February 2100, irrespective of leap years. It also features an in-flight mode and a Daylight Saving Time function.


The first Astron revolution: Quartz

The history of Seiko is a story of innovation.  From the very start in 1881, Kintaro Hattori was determined to be at the forefront of the industry and his oft-repeated credo was that Seiko should “Always one step ahead of the rest.” Thanks to a continuous steam of industry-leading innovations over the decades, the company established, and has maintained, its position as a world leader in the technology of time. On December 25, 1969, Seiko marketed the world’s first quartz watch, the Seiko Quartz Astron, and subsequently opened the patents to the world. As a result, Seiko set the global standard and today, most quartz watches use the system Seiko developed.

*If there are changes in the region / time zone, manual time zone selection may be required.

The new 2015 Seiko Astron GPS Solar Dual-Time

The Astron family of calibres grows again. The 2015 collection is expanded with the addition of a third calibre, Dual-Time, designed specifically for the global traveller. The dial is clean, clear and simple; the time in your home time zone is shown in the internal dial at the six o’clock position, with an AM/PM indicator alongside. At the two o’clock position, a retrograde dial shows the day of the week, with the date immediately below. With the Astron GPS Solar Dual-Time, global travel has never been easier or more elegant.

8X53, GPS Solar Dual-Time

Dual-Time function with AM/PM indication

GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment

Perpetual calendar correct to the year 2100

Signal reception result indication

World time function

Daylight Saving Time function

Power save function


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