Since 1881

Always one step ahead of the rest

The history of Seiko is a 136 year story of innovation. From the very start, Kintaro Hattori was determined to be the forefront of the industry and his often repeated credo was “Always one step ahead of the rest”.
Thanks to a continuous stream of industry leading innovations over decades, Seiko established, and has maintained, its position as world leader in the technology of time. Today, Seiko is a true ‘manufacture,’ making all its components, from advanced IC’s to balance springs, and it is the only ‘manufacture’ with a variety of watchmaking technologies, mechanical, quartz, Kinetic, Spring Drive and GPS Solar.
Seiko today remains a family-owned business involving three generations of the Hattori family. Shinji Hattori, President and CEO and the great grandson of Kintaro Hattori continues the company credo that Seiko should always be ‘’one step ahead of the rest’. This was demonstrated again at Basel 2017 with the new releases for the coming year. New calibres, improved case & band materials and improved methods of craftsmanship to manufacture quality timepieces.