Shock: the watch goes hybrid

Casio Hybrid face

Casio have announced what they’re calling the world’s first hybrid timekeeping system, and yes, it’s available for your wrist right here and now.

Eschewing any cutesy name (we’d have called it the H-Shock), the G-Shock GPS GPW1000 receives both GPS signals and radio wave-time calibration signals transmitted from six stations worldwide. The watch uses ultra-small motors to drive the hands, freeing space for the high-performance hybrid system. Features include a new shape of solar cell with high-efficiency output, a ceramic GPS antenna, and resin case with carbon fibre bezel for high signal sensitivity.

Casio Hybrid models1

As with all G-shocks the watch boasts the usual bullet-proof qualities that have made the range a byword for toughness and technology. Now it seems they’re adding tremendous accuracy to that list. Certainly no more excuses for being late if you’re packing one of these.


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