Stunning images as Lange & Söhne shows off luminous models at the source – in Iceland

A.Lange & Söhne has taken three of its most spectacular models, and embarked on a journey to Iceland for a first-hand encounter with one of Mother Nature’s most fascinating extravaganzas, auroras.A.Lange & SöhneAuroras rank among our planet’s most awe-inspiring natural phenomena with fluorescent light cloaking the nocturnal darkness with mysterious green veils.

A.Lange & Söhne
Grand Lange 1 Lumen.

Lange chose the far reaches of Iceland because it’s in this polar region the rare natural phenomenon can be observed in primeval natural surroundings, although only during a few days between September and March.

A.Lange & Söhne
Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase Lumen.

The difference between light and darkness is highlighted by complex polychrome auroras in the upper strata of the earth’s atmosphere. The green light, to which our eyes are particularly receptive, occurs at an altitude of about 100 kilometres. Here, oxygen atoms collide with the electrically charged particles of the solar winds. These collisions emit light with a wavelength of 557.7 nanometres, which the human eye perceives as green.

Zeitwerk Luminous.
Zeitwerk Luminous.

Lange took along its famed luminous models, the Grande Lange 1 Lumen, Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase Lumen and the Zeitwerk Luminous for the expedition which centered on the locations of Vík í Mýrdal with its beach of black lava; Langjökull, known for its volcanic mountains and glaciers; and Haukadalur, a valley of geothermal geysers.

Vik i Myrdal - Black Beach
On Vík í Mýrdal with its beach of black lava.

The best-known of these is The Strokkur geyser that erupts roughly every 15 minutes hurling boiling water and searing hot steam up to 35 metres into the air. A wide variety of minerals, metals and plants can be found in its immediate vicinity while sunlight brings out the saturated colours of sulphur, iron and mosses.
All in all a brilliant setting for a trio of very special watches.

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