Not van Arpels but ‘van apple’


Yvan Arpa is a Geneva-based designer famous for combining luxury with sometimes bizarre creativity.

Watches for his own brand ArtyA (there’s also a second brand, Spero Lucem) have boasted dials composed of materials ranging from bullets to manure. (Yes, dinosaur doings.)

Now Arpa is offering his vision of the Apple watch, a timepiece that in his hands flaunts 150 grams of gold casing, laced with eight carats of baguette diamonds.

Inside is Apple’s new “movement” rather than something from the Swatch group, the Swiss behemoth who provide about 70 per cent of the world’s watch movements.

Arpa’s customisation can be applied to any smart watch, but tellingly it’s Apple’s innards that have grabbed his attention, with the man making a salient observation: “High-end Swiss mechanical movements are in short supply; could smart watch movements be an interesting alternative?”

Good question.

Be prepared to part with $10,000 to 10 times that for Arpa’s tarting up of a smarty, but that said you could end up with the best of two worlds – namely old-world icing, new-world ingredients.

We don’t doubt that both could co-exist in heady harmony on your wrist, just don’t ask for how long…




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