A pet for the wrist? Animals stalk the halls of horology


Call it cute or crazy, but furry or four-legged friends have long been an inspiration in the  jewellery world – think Chopard or Cartier – and it seems set to continue.


The Regent Owl Jewel Timepiece is the first 2016 creation by Italian brand Zannetti, which describes the watch as a masterwork of watchmaking and jewellery art and “the perfect joyful, unique, luxurious gift for St. Valentine’s Day.”


Setting aside the timely sales pitch, the watch is hard to miss; the dial is hand-engraved and enameled mother of pearl, portraying a three-dimensional rose gold owl with mother of pearl eyes and garnishings of diamonds and rubies.

ZANNETTI OWL watch close up

The hand-chiselled white gold case boasts a bezel set with sapphires ranging from dark to light blue, with diamonds and gold stars adding to the effect.

The movement is a Swiss self-winding caliber personalised by Zannetti.

Barking up the right tree?

Zannetti’s ode to the owl seems vastly more successful – well, to our eye – than a recent foray into the animal kingdom by Artya with a watch called “Oh my dog.”Artya Ohmydog

As Artya explains it:  “The Oh my dog watch is an artistic fantasy based on an animal gaze: an engaging look painted on the watch dial, captivating the wearer’s attention whenever they check the time.”

“There’s a distinct feel to each and every gaze, the gaze of man’s best friend, expressing all its attachment and shared intimacy,” says Dominique Arpa-Cirpka, the artistic muse behind Artya’s dials.

The timepiece boasts a 38mm-diameter case that’s been “struck by lightning” with the aid of an electric arc generated in a specialist laboratory, something that renders each case unique.

The movement is quartz, the piece priced at around $6000.

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